WHII.5 The student will demonstrate knowledge of the status and impact of global trade on regional civilizations of the world after 1500 a.d. (c.e.) by
a) describing the location and development of the Ottoman Empire;
b) describing India, including the Mughal Empire and coastal trade;
c) describing East Asia, including China and the Japanese shogunate;
d) describing Africa and its increasing involvement in global trade;
e) describing the growth of European nations, including the Commercial Revolution and mercantilism.

China & Japan PowerPoint

Ottoman Empire PowerPoint

*Miss D's Istanbul, not Constantinople Video -

Safavid & Mughal PowerPoint


Review games:
http://app.teachergaming.net/g/1/4/6042 (spelling counts, be sure to capitalize the first letter of words)

http://app.teachergaming.net/g/1/7/6043 - Wheel of Fortune!